Week-10 Reflection

ear My Friends,
This is the last week of this 10-week course. This week we gave some advice and suggestions for future e-teachers. Also we talked much about the integration of technology for the accomplishment of our goals.
I agree with the comments you did on the nicenet. Maybe being on time and attributing the collaborative part are the most important parts in this course. Each of us increased our pedagogical field knowledge and increased our teaching skills with appropriate use of technology and technology implementation. So my next advice is for the future e-teachers, commenting and writing post and using discussion board lively in order to learn from others much and help others, too.
Lastly, I thank my colleagues in this course, Courtney and other moderators. I hope we will be more productive language teachers with the knowledge we learnt and hope to adapt, use, implement our web-skills into our lessons.
Best regards,